EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Clinical Studies Conclude That Dermasmooth Is The Best Home Skin Tag Remover
Written by Nancy Evans on Nov. 3rd 2018
Dr. Amy white and her colleagues have found the #1 cheapest and easiest solution to skin tags.
(November 07, 2018 ) – When Jane was pregnant with her now 11 month old daughter Francie, she noticed that she had started developing embarassing skin tags. These blemishes sprung up in sensitive areas, and she didn't know what to do. Her mom, who also suffered from skin tags recommended she try a dermotologist. Under her mom's recommendation, Jane saw Dr. Amy White.

We sat down with Jane and Dr. Amy White to ask them more about the organic, cost-efficient solution that saved Jane from her embarassing skin tags.

Health Magazine: Dr. White, why has finding an alternative to traditional skin tag and mole removal methods been so important?

Dr. Amy White: People are more interested in something free of chemicals and harsh side effects. Burning, freezing and surgery are the only ways dermotologists could remove skin tags and moles in the past. That just seemed so barbaric to me. I knew there had to be another way.

Health Magazine: In your research, did you discover an alternative to "barbaric" modern methods?

Dr. Amy White: What I discovered, was an all-natural liquid solution that can remove skin tags and moles quickly and painlessly. The medical community was hesitant at first about my breakthrough, but they quickly realized that this was the real deal. They were in denial that something not engineered in a "big pharma" lab could work so well!
Dr. Amy White explaining her extraordinary research results.
Health Magazine: How did you make things work without funding from "Big Pharma"?
Dr. Amy White: A common misconception these days is that "Big Pharma" is a necessary evil. I decided to challenge that. I took it upon myself to brand and market my product outside of the "Big Pharma" system so that it can get straight into peoples' hands - avoiding any unnecessary price hikes. I settled on the name DermaSmooth Plus - as it's an upgrade from the old school skin tag and mole removal treatments.

Health Magazine: How expensive is DermaSmooth Plus compared to other methods?

Dr. Amy White: (chuckles) One visit to a dermatologist can cost more than the entire bottle of DermaSmooth Plus. And that doesn't account for the price of any actual treatment. In a case where surgery is necessary, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars. DermaSmooth Plus is cheaper, by leaps and bounds. My patients love how it works so much that they buy several bottles at a time - which is why I'm offering a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" deal until 11/30/2018 .
Health Magazine: Who do you think can benefit from DermaSmooth Plus?

Dr. Amy White: Honestly, anyone who is suffering from skin tags and moles. DermaSmooth Plus works on all skin types. I've recommended it for some of my younger patients due to its all-natural formula. For my older patients it works much better than traditional methods, because their skin is so thin and fragile.
Health Magazine: Could you explain how DermaSmooth Plus works?

Dr. Amy White: Apply it to the growth you want to remove and then cover with a bandage. Repeat this for three days, washing the area with hydrogen peroxide before each new application. DermaSmooth Plus will cause inflammation at the base of the growth, which usually turns pale, then falls off, leaving no scarring and no damage to normal tissue. I have seen DermaSmooth Plus do a better job with moles in difficult places than conventional surgery. The application is fool proof, and so easy anyone can do it.
Does It Really Work?
With so much praise from the media and countless reviews from people experiencing success with DermaSmooth Plus, we at The Consumers Today wanted to verify whether this was all hype. We chose our Health & Science Editor, Emily Frasier to try DermaSmooth Plus for herself. Below is her account of using DermaSmooth Plus over a 4-week period.
About DermaSmooth
Public interest in DermaSmooth Plus was aroused by recent reports that "Big Pharma" had been using dirty tactics to try and purchase Dr. White's breakthrough skintag and mole remover. After much public outcry, the large corporations toned down their efforts to stifle sales of DermaSmooth Plus.

About Author:
Nancy Evans

Our author Nancy Evans is our executive write who is very invested in the Skin Care world. She searches for the best solutions towards common skin problems and reports back to us!
A Little Skeptical
"I'm not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical at first. Despite hearing all of the success stories from people using Dermasmooth Plus, I wanted to try it for myself. I took advantage of the BOGO promotion package so that I knew I would be able to remove all of my skin tags and moles.
I decided to use Dermasmooth Plus both in the morning when I woke up and also at night before I went to bed. It was SUPER easy to apply and didn't hurt one bit (another reason why I decided not to do the expensive surgery)."
This Really Works!
"Holy cow! The Dermasmooth Plus is working like a charm! I can't believe that I'm actually starting to see them disappear! Maybe this product wasn't a gimmick afterall...
Even one of my close co-workers mentioned that they thought it was going away as well. It felt great just to hear that!"
Skin Tags 100% Gone
"It's official: I don't know what I ever did without Dermasmooth Plus! The past week has been a complete change now that I'm seeing ALL of my skin tags and moles virtually disappear! The best part is that I've been getting compliments left and right for how much better I look! My friends have even been saying that they can notice the change in my confidence levels!
In celebration of the public release and validation of DermaSmooth Plus, we worked with Dr. White to offer our readers an exclusive buy one get one free offer! Just click this link to view your limited time discount for this breakthrough product (while supplies last).
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